Dental Zirconia Block Supplier

Chang Mo Biotechnology is engaged in the developing of precision dental ceramic materials. We offer various dental ceramic blocks, including high translucency and super translucency zirconia blocks, as well as super translucency pre-shaded zirconia block, and a variety of auxiliary equipment and consumables, like dental milling machine, zirconia sintering furnace, coloring liquid, dental filling resin, dental filling capsule, etc. The zirconia blocks we offer has been approved by CFDA and USFDA. They have also obtained CE marking. The dental ceramic material has been successfully and widely applied in the medical domain. In addition to the standard dental ceramic blocks you find in our product catalog, we can also offer you customized zirconia blocks.

    1. Open CAD/CAM System Compatible Zirconia Disc

      Our zirconia disc can be easily milled into one single artificial tooth or a complete set of teeth. By utilizing the open-source CAD or CAM system, dental milling machine users can easily cut the disc into a round shape of 98mm in diameter and 10-25mm in thickness. This creates convenience for further processing.

    1. Kavo System Compatible Zirconia Block

      These days dental patients care more about how their artificial teeth will look like than earlier decades. Sure, no one wants to give a metallic impression when they smile or open their mouths. That is part of the reason why our zirconia block is gaining increasing popularity.

    1. Wieland System Compatible Zirconia Block

      There are grooves cut in the block to allow it to be easily clamped in place for teeth carving. The round zirconia block comes in a diameter of 98mm, with thickness in the range between 10mm and 25mm. It can withstand a high biting or grinding pressure up to 1200MPa.

    1. Shutze System Compatible Zirconia Block

      We stand behind each zirconia block we produce and sell. With decades of hands-on experience in production and sales, we would like to share more amazing dental products with customers. Our high flexibility allows us to quickly adjust the structure of our product line to ensure each product can find its specific applications.

    1. Zirkon Zahn Manual System Compatible Zirconia Block

      Zirkon Zahn compatible means the zirconia block is workable by Zircon Zahn dental milling equipment. This series of zirconia block offers the widest selection of sizes. After milling, the block would obtain a cubic shape with thicknesses in the range between 16mm and 22mm.

    1. Zirconia Sintering Furnace

      Automatic program control design allows the vacuum sintering furnace to control the whole working process. Various types of curing process and programmable process are provided to meet the needs of different zirconia materials and sintering processes.

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  • 1. As a specialized ceramic material supplier in China, we promise to provide zirconia blocks with the best quality and the most reliable quality.
    2. We offer zirconia blocks of different specifications and fitting different systems. Also, customized zirconia blocks are available.